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At Radiant Drops, our mission is simple: to help change people's lives through Islam. We believe that by building a powerful relationship with Allah, it will enable us to live better and more fruitful lives and - more importantly - will enable us to get to our ultimate goal: Jannah.
A unique learning service to help you come closer to your Creator by understanding the words of Allah and His Messenger ﷺ.
Increase your knowledge about Islam and build a powerful connection with Allah. We have thousands of articles to help you with this noble goal.
Perform Hajj or Umrah with our carefully crafted, mesmerising Tours. Like a machine: You enter as one person and leave totally different.
Learn any subject of interest online, from many internationally renowned speakers and some great hidden gems who aren't so well known.
A fast-track path to mastering Arabic online, with your own personal instructor. Our teaching methods help you to learn Arabic quickly without pulling your hair out with rote learning or crazy grammar!

We take groups for Hajj and Umrah. Our flagship tour is called the Seerah Umrah Tour where we take people to perform Umrah and teach them the life of the Prophet ﷺ in the very places where he ﷺ lived, walked, smiled and cried. We also have a Seerah Umrah Tour for Kids which is hugely popular for families and is catered specifically for children.
Our Islamic knowledge site and blog. Check out some of our thousands of articles, videos and random thoughts on Islam, the world and everything else!

The goal behind Islamia TV is that eventually you'll be able to learn any subject of interest online, all on one platform, from many internationally renowned speakers, as well as some great hidden gems who aren't so well known.

"The Sheikh was excellent. He moved mountains when giving historic talks which brought tears to one's eyes. One could actually feel the pain, suffering and hardship our Prophet ﷺ and companions endured through the deserts and at the hands of the enemies. It was very inspiring which brought us back to reality that we are all here for one purpose which is to please Allah and follow the Sunnah."
Shirin Hussain
London, UK
"I just wanted to say that I dearly love my teachers style of teaching. She has to be the best teacher for me Alhamdulillah. She motivates me to learn and develop further for the sake of Allah. May Allah swt preserve her and reward her immensely. Ameen. JazakAllahkhair.
Amna Ali
London, UK
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